Harvest Feast Blessing

In times of upheaval and unrest,
Let us re-member our community:
Mend relations and break bread with companions.
May this feast, drawn from our local soil
Tended with our own hands,
Re-root relationship to each other,
Nourish mind, body, spirit,
Perfect our vision in our current time,
Hold us here firmly to honor 
our homes, ourselves, this place.
Let us eat, drink, and be merry.

Many blessings to you,
Harvest Mother
Kat Bernier

A Poem for Red Lady

There is a lady mountain in repose
Her silhouette guards our valley
Watching across history
Witness to our humanity
Protecting sheltering she
Preserves the landscape with her embrace

There is a fine lady in red flowing clothes
Incarnation of geography
Impart a human face on the theater of activism
Ignite the passion of our community
So, we may never forget how important
She is to Us

Here is a lady mountain in repose
Made mostly of precious molybdenum
My lady, sovereign mountain
Mother of our town!
Threatened by those who do not see beauty
Threatened by those who see resources in place of life

Here is a fine lady in red flowing clothes
One in a line of bold preservationist 
Oath sworn to forty-three years of political action
Seek a relationship with the wilderness, within and without
Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves
Sky, Flora, Fauna, Watersheds, Mountains