Grumps and Gratitudes Activities and Rituals

Be conscious that Vinotok is a GREEN, zero-waste event.  When you print these, please use recycled paper—or create your own GRUMP AND GRATITUDE ART.

GRUMPS – The Autumn Equinox is a time of True Balance, within and without.  As we come to the Season when the Dark Chases the Light, we dedicate important consideration to offering Gratitude, or Blessings, as well as Banishing the grievances and difficulties of the passing year.  This does not mean that we expect something for nothing.  Ours, and many other communities are filled with folks who share a determination to balance past ills, whether these are collective, personal, global or environmental.  

Your GRUMPS may be Banished or released in a number of ways- Beginning on September 14th.:

  1. Taken to a special place in the Center of your Community.  For Crested Butte this is our 4-Way Stop and the ancient and traditional village Center of the World. Your Grumps may then be placed in, or on the Great Grump effigy, resting in-state at the Vinotok Fire Circle and Outdoor Harvest Temple.
  2. Dropped into the Great Grump metal Box at the 4-Way stop Fire Circle. These will be held safely and treated with reverence and great care. Be assured that all community Grumps will be committed safely to be banished and transformed on the Autumn Equinox FOR A YEAR AND A DAY.
  3. Personally dispose of your Grumps in a safe manner—depending upon Fire Restrictions—by burning them at home in an approved outdoor cauldron; burying them in the ground; suspending  them with natural twine from a special tree, or torn into tiny pieces and scattered in Nature.


  1. This is our opportunity to offer thanks for all that has supported, grown, healed and protected us and our precious community and valley in the passing year.  Write as many as you can think of on several Gratitude slips of paper. Any individual, couple, family, community may share these steps and offer forth the gifting celebration of Gratitude.
  2. Write your Self Gratitudes honoring your own personal commitment and participation in the past year.  Give yourself some gifts of recognition and appreciation. It may seem difficult at first—but Appreciation begins with ourselves.
  3. Write Gratitudes for others:  friends, family, neighbors, the folks you work with and who serve you.  Honor those folks who are there for us every day, month-by-month, season-through-season. 
  4. Deliver these Gratitudes in person, if at all possible. We guarantee that in these challenging times—your offering will lift a heart and a honor a spirit.  
  5. Clothespin these to your own personal Gratitude clothesline. See how many you can fill it with.