Healing the Internal Wastelands Activity

Finding your place: Take this opportunity to unplug from technology. Get a special notebook or journal to write in, and a pen to write with. Leave your cell phone at home. Reserve a chunk of time so you can be contemplative and slow. Walk out to a spot in nature in an easy saunter, as far as you can go in the time you’ve allotted. Find a tree to lean against, a rock to sit on, a stream to sit by, a meadow to sit in. Take a deep breath, settle in.

Finding your voice: As you respond to the prompts following the meditation, don’t worry about grammar, punctuation or writing rules—just let it flow. Write thoughts as they come to you, without any editing or judgement Take time to stare at the clouds, the water moving by, the leaves in the breeze. Ponder. Consider. Contemplate. For these kinds of prompts, it is best to write until you have no more to say about the mat- ter.

About the Wastelands: The Wastelands appear as a concept in ancient Celtic mythology as a consequence from lack of respect and relationship for and with the Earth and her gifts. Similarly, we can have internal Wastelands—places that have been made devoid of our life energy by feeding ourselves with things that do not serve our greatest purpose.

Identifying the Internal Wastelands: What is out of balance in your life? What are your own internal Wastelands? What is draining you of your energy, and should be left behind? What needs to be swept away? And then, what feeds you, and you need to bring in more of in your life? What feels like it might be holding you back from living your best life? What might you be able to improve to magnify your life’s energy? What should you be walking more toward?

Moving Forward: Considering your own personal, internal Wastelands, what physical, real steps can you take to bringing balance back into your life? Then, considering the external Wastelands in your home place, what organizations or efforts can you become engaged in to help heal those places physically, emotionally and spiritually? How can you lend your talents, aptitudes, expertise and best life energy to healing the Wastelands? What might the Wastelands need from you, especially you?