Vinotok: Writing Through the Changes (Week 1)

Vinotok is most famous for its bonfire – the climax of weeks of preparation and celebration – our external fire.

This year Vinotok is shifting some focus to Stoking our Internal Fires. This includes sharing the more contemplative practices of meditation, journaling prompts, and connecting to place. Each week we’ll be sharing these practices as we all begin our preparations for the coming of the Autumn Equinox. Take these practices as time to slow down, disconnect from technology, and reconnect to yourself, your place, your loved ones and your community.

It is clear we are in an intense period of transformation worldwide. How do we want to emerge from this collective fire? What form do we want to take as we rise from the ashes?

First we must identify what is good. What we are grateful for. Name the things in our lives we want to hold onto – in ourselves, in our environment and in each other. This is the focus for the Week 1 practices.

Each week we’ll be releasing a Writing Through the Changes practice worksheet. Click on the downloadable pdf document below, print it out and follow the prompts. You may use the printed document to begin your book of Stoking the Internal Fire practices for Vinotok and the Autumn Equinox. Throughout the upcoming weeks, be on the lookout for other Internal Fire practices as they are released from our website, blog and facebook page.

Stoking the Internal Fire:

Writing Through the Changes (Week 1)

It Begins in Gratitude