Vinotok: Writing Through the Changes (Week 3)

With the third and final installment of Writing Through the Changes, Vinotok arrives, the Autumn Equinox is soon to follow, and the culmination of our journaling, meditative and contemplative explorations come to a culmination.

It is time to get rid of the things that no longer serve us, and bring in more of what does – for ourselves, and for the planet.

Banishing & Beckoning is our final theme so we may move into the future with greater clarity and purpose, to actualize a world that is more earth-honoring, more community-honoring, more diversity-honoring, more peace-loving.

The time is now.

Download the Writing Through the Changes pdf to add to your Vinotok 2020 workbook.

Happy Vinotok, and Happy Autumn Equinox.

Stoking the Internal Fire:

Writing Through the Changes

(Week 3)

Banishing & Beckoning