Blessing and Beckoning Prayer Flag Activity

This year Vinotok is particularly focused not only on what we need to banish from the Wastelands, but how we want to rise up out of this fire.

The practice of hanging prayer flags originates in Tibet, with the belief that when the wind blows the flags, the blessings written on them spread throughout the land. For this, we call on you, each individual in the community, to make your own Blessing & Beckoning Prayer Flag, to be a beacon for the future we want to create and to offer gratitude and blessings to our community and our place.


Cut an 8” x 11” rectangle out of any kind of green cloth you can find. Leaving two inches at the top, decorate your rectangle with blessings and beckonings. These could be wishes, pleas and visions for the community and for the planet as we move forward into a brighter future. Decorate with markers, paint, sewn objects, beads, bits of fabric–whatever sparks your creativity.

Then, anytime between Sunday, September 13 and Saturday, September 19, visit the Fire Circle at the crossroads at the Four- Way Stop and hang your Blessing & Beckoning Prayer Flag on the line provided.

Vinotok will sew all of our Blessing & Beckoning Prayer Flags together, rising from the flames of transformation, to call in balance, reciprocity and goodness for our community and the world.