A Poem to Sir Hapless

Sir Hapless,
Chainmail champion why is your blade drawn in progress’s name?
Civilization need not depend on making nature tame.
Stop this destruction, you don’t want wild gone!
Sir, have you no shame?
Warrior, your service in all its glory should protect the weak.
Honor your purpose, rewrite your story in this holy week.
Sir try in earnest to calm your fury at her mountain peak.
Nobel lad, my heart is not in your cause.
Exploitation of Earth tears her apart.
Scar mountains with cars, call improvement love, just playing your part.
Listen to what was become like the dove.
Choose peace in times of uncertainty.
Be a defender to forgive your crimes of man’s tyranny
strive to be better. Partake in the wines, to now embody
Sir Lord Protector