A Poem for the Earth Dragon

mistress of mischief,
master of elements
malevolent fertile balance

fearless passionate power
of magic and fire’s breath
ancient guardian on highest lands

emblem of Earth
strength meet success
legendary existence of auspiciousness

mythic reptilian beast
winged creature of wind
life of abundance in your longevity

beckoner of rain clouds
wild wisdom unfettered
energy embody our valley’s prosperity

nature’s most original being
benevolent, fabled, ferocity
defy the potent advancement of man

battle blind progress
defend our Red Lady
scaled serpentine harbinger of luck

bring balance to our watershed
grow to match the mountain side
guard great treasures of our underground

old soul – speak truth
our primordial protector
life has its beginnings in your chaos

Anna Fenerty, Vinotok Wordsmythe