Gratitude Gifts


Express your gratitude to your friends, family, co-workers, the cashier at the grocery store, the person who was kind to you on the street – whomever!

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Gratitude Gifts from the Green Man

It all begins with gratitude …

This year’s Green Man will be hand delivering Gratitude Gifts with a special blessing from him printed with original artwork from Peggy Morgan Stenmark, and a small token hand selected by the Green Man (examples might be a beautiful poem, a treasured object from nature, or a hunt for a magical find in the forest) to the people of your choosing, leaving them secretly on their physical doorstep. Think of them as a Vinotok Valentine sent by our very own Cupid. Let’s love up our community by sending Gratitude Gifts all around! Gifts delivered in secret between Sunday, September 6 – Saturday, September 19, but may be ordered the week preceding. While the specific nature of what a Gratitude Gift might be cannot be chosen through Vinotok, if you want a gift youprovide to be delivered by the Green Man, that is also an option. Local service in the Gunnison Valley only. Purchased at through a $5 donation per gift.