Vinotok: Writing Through the Changes (Week 2)

With the second installment of Writing Through the Changes, Vinotok continues to focus on Stoking our Internal Fires in preparation for the Autumn Equinox.

Writing Through the Changes offers a practice of meditation and journaling prompts connecting you to your home, yourself and your community. Ditch the cell phone, grab a journal, and take a nice, long saunter in nature to fulfill the worksheet.

This week we work on Balance & Reciprocity in relationship to our home places, and in particular in Healing the Wastelands we have created through our lack of care of humans on this Earth.

Download the Writing Through the Changes pdf to add to your Vinotok 2020 workbook as you navigate the Walking the Way: A Vinotok Pilgrimage and other contemplative practices for Vinotok week.

Stoking the Internal Fire:

Writing Through the Changes

(Week 2)

Balance & Reciprocity