Thank you so much to KBUT Community Radio for giving us precious air time to bring you many events where we would normally gather! KBUT has sacrificed other programming to bring these events to you no matter where you are. Their staff is generous and has worked tirelessly with us to connect with you during Vinotok 2020.


Sunday, September 13

Vinotok Week officially begins! The Grump and Altars will be installed this day so you may begin your Vinotok Pilgrimage throughout the week. Keep your eyes and ears open for all sorts of opportunities that might arise and tune into for supplemental materials for the Vinotok Pilgrimage and other practices.

Monday, September 14 

Vinotok – Myth, Meaning & Ritual: 6 – 7 p.m. on KBUT

Discover the secrets behind the flame. This special session with Vinotok Founder and Master Storyteller Marcie Telander covers everything you ever wanted to know about Vinotok. Learn the ancient lore, origins, history and mystery underlying Crested Butte’s favorite festival and the all-community Harvest Celebration unlike any other. Call your questions in to KBUT for a live Q&A and ask Marcie your heart’s desire on all the myth, meaning and ritual behind Vinotok.

Tuesday, September 15

Celebration of the Harvest Mother: 6 – 7 p.m. on KBUT

Celebrate the Harvest Mother with a radio theatre presentation of this year’s chosen, discussions, poetry and storytelling of the earth mother archetype, the divine feminine, and honoring the goddess. With Vinotok Founder and Godmother Marcie Telander, Harvest Mother Celebrants K.T. Folz and Adge Marziano and the 2020 Harvest Mother, Kat Bernier. Call your questions in to KBUT for a live Q&A.

Wednesday, September 16

Frank Orazem Memorial Storytelling Evening: 6 – 7 p.m. on KBUT

This year Vinotok is ecstatic to present Phyllis Charlene Spann Guerrieri! Listen to Phyllis read stories from her book, Pure Joy. Phyllis is an artist, storyteller, and fourth-generation rancher of the Gunnison Valley. She began painting scenes from her life at age 78, after a successful career as the business manager of her family’s ranch. With the support of her daughter, Cara, Phyllis combined her artwork and personal experiences to publish her first book, Pure Joy. This not-to-be-missed storytelling event will not only share local history, but also intimate stories of how generations of women in the Gunnison Valley have lived and worked. In her book, you can find colorful paintings by Phyllis that bring her humorous and poignant stories alive. The evening commences with the announcement of the 2020 Vinotok Green Spirit Awards, honoring community members with strong dedications to earth stewardship in our valley. 

Thursday, September 17

The Botsie Spritzer Memorial Invitational Liar’s Contest: 6 – 7 p.m. on KBUT

Hear the best of the best of tall tales, whoppers and adventure stories from the community! Vinotok curates a list of champions from previous Liar’s Night performances bringing them together to compete in a radio theatre on air production at KBUT, all judged, ending in the declaration of the quintessential Vinotok Liar’s Champion in all the land. Plus, hear some juicy details and raunchy accolades for our 2020 Green Man. Listen to the creativity of suggestion rise to the occasion as we transform our most naughty evening into one that doesn’t offend the regulating powers that be on the airwaves. Where can your imagination take you? We’re here to help.

Friday, September 18

Community Feast & Handfasting Ceremony on KBUT
$70 for a box for 2; $140 for a box for 4 ($35 per meal), each includes a complimentary bottle of Vinotok Village Zinfandel. Order here. Pick-up at the Depot: Thursday, September 17, 6 – 8 p.m.; and Friday, September 18, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Deadline to order: Sunday, September 13

The locally and regionally harvested, organic Vinotok Community Feast is on with feast boxes! These delightful boxes are an experience in and of themselves, each containing all the raw ingredients necessary for you and the loved ones of your household to prepare the full feast (excluding staples such as salt or oil) at home, accompanied by traditional recipes (some by our very own old-timers) and instructions; special Vinotok bread from Mountain Oven; homemade pickles from Ellen’s pickles; and flowers for the table. Each box also contains a blessing from the Harvest Mother and Green Man; a traditional potica bread family recipe from generational Buttian Trudy Yaklich; and a Grump & Gratitude form all designed with original artwork and calligraphy by Peggy Morgan Stenmark. Our very own local Buckel Family Wines has brewed a very special Vinotok Village Zinfandel for the occasion with original label artwork by Steph White. Buy additional bottles at Mountain Spirits Liquor while supplies last. Then, while you’re stirring up your delectable feast, tune into KBUT, the tie that binds us, for a non-denominational Community Handfasting Ceremony with Marcie Telander, D.Div. as we commit to the protection of each other and of our land – together! Following, local songbird Lizzy Plotkin plays us her traditional and original songs to further concoct the perfect “apart-together” ambiance. Call in live to KBUT to dedicate toasts to community members and dedications for a more positive and transformative future. The Community Feast is a lovely way to financially support Vinotok and our full week of offerings, while settling in and getting cozy, warming up the kitchen, and uniting through radio entertainment on KBUT.

Saturday, September 19

Trial of the Grump: 8 – 9 p.m. on KBUT

Has it been awhile since you really heard the Trial of the Grump? Catch every word as the Green Man faces his potential demise, yet is kept temporarily alive by the maidens; every clash of blade and claw as the Earth Dragon and technological Knight duel to a seeming death of primordial nature; the frantic attempts of the Magistrate to allow order and justice to reign; and the final commanding words of the divine feminine in the voices of our all-powerful Harvest Mother and Red Lady. This radio theatre will be at its finest!