Mythology of Loyalty

Our community believes that the way a people treat animals is a powerful picture of how we treat each other and the World of Nature. And it is our profound wish and deepest goal to do this in a caring, accountable partnership.

It would be challenging to find a devoted Crested Buttian who does not parent or endorse a Friend-In-Fur–whether domestic–or compassionately and responsibly cohabitating and sharing the same place with different species of animals.

We say “hello!” to dogs, cats, bears, ravens and magpies in the allies, the street or on the trails.

We often know each other’s Friends-In-Fur better than we may know each other. We are made noble and humble by the loyalty of our precious and blessed Animal Companions and family members.

We practice Biophilia, the evolutionary human adaptation and need to interconnect with other species and life forms. The Vinotok Tribe honors the core values of the First Nation dwellers of our valley. We recognize the need for caring reciprocity with all Our Animal Relations. And because of this dedication we may choose to devote ourselves and our Loyalty to a particular species, identifying with, politically advocating for, and supporting the challenges of our sister and brother Animal Relatives.

We recognize that the challenge of where we and so many other humans have chosen to live, impacts Wild/Urban Interspecies lives and experiences. And humans, dogs, bats, coyotes, foxes, squirrels, deer, marmots, rabbits and so many more, are all part of the web of contemporary human/animal movements and development. As we 2-leggeds intrude on the ancient habitats of our animal relatives, so our Responsibility grows.

By Vinotok Godmother and Founder, Marcie Telander

Activity: Choosing Your Wildlife Loyalty Species

Today, identify a species, endangered or not, that has lived for eons in this amazing valley and these glorious mountain ranges. Research all that you can about Your WildLife Loyalty Species—its particular hardships, challenges, loss of habitats, mating and feeding grounds, vanishing migratory paths and water sources.

Be willing to identify that we two-leggeds have caused these concerns. Be willing to advocate for the species that most draws you. Be willing to advocate for that species, by speaking for it.

Be willing to advocate for those who do not speak the language of Human Domination.

This is true Loyalty. It is so!