Mythology of the Squire

“Welcome the Squire, hope of the Land!”

In Old European practices, in the Medieval times of the Knights, a Squire was a promising young person. They were often sent away to be fostered and taught special skills, in order to return to their communities in important service to a Knight, a Lady or as an asset and inspiration to their working people and common folk.

Our Vinotok Squire is either a local maiden or lad who has been considered by the Godmother and Vinotok Elders of the Village to display special creative courage and accountability. They are beloved young people who have previously showed an interest in our week-long Equinox festivities. The Squire must also be dedicated to preserving our collective environmental and service values.

The Squire is mentored by various members of the Vinotok Passion Players and the Guild who builds our ceremonial structures. As in the ancient form of apprenticeship, the new Squire will be led through the mysteries and magical collaborations which are the secrets of our Tribe and the professions of our Celebration Arts.

The Squire will carry the traditional Messenger Bag, embroidered with a Rune which has been chosen as guidance for this year’s purpose and practices. The Squire is the Messenger between generations and the embodiment of the future Leaders who will carry on the Vinotok Earth Justice Credo and ceremonies.

By Marcie Telander, Vinotok Godmother and Founder

Squire Journaling Activity

Finding Relationship to Place

Finding your place: Take this opportunity to unplug from technology. Get a special notebook or journal to write in, and a pen to write with. Leave your cell phone at home. Reserve a chunk of time so you can be contemplative and slow. Walk out to a spot in nature in an easy saunter, as far as you can go in the time you’ve allotted. Find a tree to lean against, a rock to sit on, a stream to sit by, a meadow to sit in. Take a deep breath, settle in. 

Finding your voice: As you respond to the prompts following the meditation, don’t worry about grammar, punctuation or writing rules—just let it flow. Write thoughts as they come to you, without any editing or judgement Take time to stare at the clouds, the water moving by, the leaves in the breeze. Ponder. Consider. Contemplate. For these kinds of prompts, it is best to write until you have no more to say about the matter. 

Finding Relationship with the Land: What does the wild mean to you? How do you connect to nature – through what kinds of activities? Is it a place of solace? Rejuvenation? Adventure? Inspiration? Challenge? Does nature feed you? In what way(s)? How might we as a human race create a relationship with the land and what impact might this have on both our personal lives and the world? Do you have mythologies that connect you to the land? What are these? What do you love about being alive on this physical Earth? 

Poem for the Squire

Welcome youth,
to this wild tribe.
Step into the natural world
speak as our inner child.

We call you Squire,
attendant of the future.
We offer you guidance,
a hand to help
the subsequent generation.

Partake in traditions
immerse yourself in wisdom.
hold Hope close
share our dream across these lands.

Here in the thick of things
observe revelry,
a chosen cohort
too young to join
in all but the most necessary mischief.

Learn chaos can be safe,
if carefully accepted.
Start on the path
Stand on the side of Nature

Anna Claire, Wordsmythe