Feast Blessing

Dearest friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters

As we prepare our community feast apart from one another, let us collectively take a moment to honor the flora and fauna from which this feast came.  The bounty before us was not artificially designed nor was it created in a factory but was woven by the Winds, Rains, Sun and Earth.  May the great animating forces that raised the plants from seed, raise us to ripeness so that we may one day be consumed, raising a mightier being to greatness.  And may the four legged creatures who were slain for this meal continue their journey through us so that we may grow to one day be devoured by life itself; continuing our own journey through a greater vessel.  “Oat and corn, oats and corn, all that dies shall be reborn.  Vine and grain, vine and grain, all that falls shall rise again.”  Let us rejoice in being a part of this sacred cyclical dance of life and death.  Our sweet bodies are not an isolated, independent event. No. We are made of the Winds, Rains, Sun and Earth!  The fruits and flesh before us will soon be woven into our being.  So as we enjoy this great feast, let there be a song of gratitude within our hearts and words of praise upon our lips. 

With love,

Your Green Man 

Brandon Johanns