Community Feast & Marrying the Land Handfasting Ceremony

Broadcast on Friday, September 18, 6-7 PM

Pastor Marcie Telander, OISM-Div., leads us in a Community Handfasting and Marriage to the Earth Ceremony as we commit to protecting each other and our lands. Join the Green Man in taking a vow to protect, preserve and serve the community and the Natural World around us. Enjoy local performances of ancient love ballads, magical music, toasts and blessings of the Season. Celebrate locals Nel Burkett and Alec Lindeman as we perform a live handfasting–a first on the radio!

A Poem for the Maidens

Maiden of deep winter, begin the dance with Earth 
Muse of doorways, beginnings and transitions 
Made of Wolf Moon 
Snowdrops and Garnets 
Consistency on the coldest nights

Maiden of snowfall, ice consort of the Wild 
Muse of purification, refining and breathing 
Made of Storm Moon 
Violets and Amethysts 
Healing and intention in the heart of winter

Maiden of lengthening days, lover of Green Man 
Muse of courage, arousal and momentum 
Made of Worm Moon 
Daffodil and Aquamarine 
Release with the arrival of Spring 

Maiden of openings, chosen one of Nature 
Muse of abundance, tenderness and simplicity 
Made of Pink Moon 
Daisy and Diamond
Innocence paired with romance as we thaw

Maiden of growth, she who honors the Ancestors 
Muse of new life, success and plenty 
Made of Flower Moon 
Lily of the Valley and Emerald 
Devotee of creation, carry us to our potential

Maiden of the Summer Solstice, burning passion of youth 
Muse of energy, creativity and fruitfulness 
Made of Mead Moon 
Pearl and Honeysuckle 
She of radiant sun, rejuvenate our soil

Maiden of sultry weather, guide us back toward the Earth
Muse of devotion, ardor and joy
Made of Buck Moon 
Larkspur and Ruby
Create for us new heights of contentment

Maiden of triumphs, rekindle our love for Wild
Muse of fortune, renewal and remembrance
Made of Grain Moon 
Poppy and Peridot
You who favor fortune, favor us 

Maiden of equal light and dark, spin your Green Man
Muse of rejuvenation, magic and rest
Made of Harvest Moon
Aster and Sapphire
Possess and pursue the most scared of things 

Maiden of reaping, gather Nature at your breast
Muse of prophesy, harmony and strength
Made of Hunter Moon
Calendula and Opal
Prepare for the dark cold to come 

Maiden of awaited renewal, on your arm Elders rest
Muse of honesty, forgiveness and love
Made of Mourning Moon
Chrysanthemum and Topaz
Make certain we know the light will return 

Maiden of the final dance, shine on the longest night
Muse of snowfall, reflection and silence
Made of Cold Moon
Holly and Turquoise
Be the bit of sunlight left 

Anna Claire, Vinotok Wordsmythe