Video Documentary: The Sacrifice of the Great Grump in the Transformational Fire

Invocation for the Elevation of the Grace and Gift of the Grump

Burn the Grumps!

Dispel Dystopia,
Deliver the Wastelands,

Destroy the Grumps,
Decide to Commit,
Dare for the Earth
Determine our Destiny–

Destroy the Grumps!
Divine the future–
Destiny is here.

Dedicate to All Beings,

Destroy the Grumps 
and heal, heal, HEAL!

As we have reviewed, called forth and reckoned with those things from the passing year which we wish to purge and BANISH, we take responsibility for our part in each and all of these “Grumps.”

Written on small pieces of paper, each grump can also be experienced as a Blessing which celebrates wholeness in Transition and a BECKONING of the individual and collective renewal for the future. Our grievances and personal recognitions can be thought of as the healing fire which scours our inner vessels–literally “burning” them clean and now ready to receive the BLESSINGS of the new year. For many Northern European and other cultures, Mabon or the Autumn Equinox, was experienced as the New Year–the time in which the Dark Chases the Light and the Divine Feminine Earth gestates the coming of the Light and the rebirth and revelation of the Divine Masculine, the Green Man, at the Winter Solstice.

Video by Mark Schwiesow

The Vinotok Bonfire is the ritual of commiting to our accountability for our past and the Recommitment of our communal service to a healing future. We recognize the sacred story of the seasonal cycles–Life, Death and Rebirth–the Great Grump effigy rising like the Phoenix from the cleansing flames–for the community and for the planet.

Be Loved. Be more Wild than good. Wherever you are–you are here!

It is so! Blessings from your Godmother, Marcie Telander, the Sacred Smith and Grump Master, Joe Bob Merritt and from the power of our collective Soul on Fire–the Great Grump.