Mythology of the Maidens

The maidens represent making love with Mother Nature. Generosity. They are the ever-flowing well of healing; the refreshing and rejuvenating waters available to all, joyous, sensuous, the powerful expression of the yearly seasons. 

Maidens are also Muses, kindling the desire in humans to honor and live with reverence for the Earth. To protect Her with our lives. We are always in courtship with the Earth, and the Maidens remind us that, if we are in right action and service, we are making love with Mother Nature. The maidens are in service to the Goddess Sovereignty, the Earth herself. If the Maidens are respected, Sovereignty is respected, and if Sovereignty is respected and protected, the Earth heals and thrives. 

To be a Maiden is not to only represent a chronological stage of life. At Vinotok, any women may choose to be a maiden again and again and again. Thus, our view of Maiden is the opposite of ageist, or patriarchal and socially-projected ideals. Any woman can choose to be any age she wishes. And of course, the Maidens of the village are the major voice for the observation of and selection of the yearly Green Man. 

Marcie Telander, Vinotok Founder & Godmother 

Blessing and Beckoning Prayer Flag Activity

This year Vinotok is particularly focused not only on what we need to banish from the Wastelands, but how we want to rise up out of this fire.

The practice of hanging prayer flags originates in Tibet, with the belief that when the wind blows the flags, the blessings written on them spread throughout the land. For this, we call on you, each individual in the community, to make your own Blessing & Beckoning Prayer Flag, to be a beacon for the future we want to create and to offer gratitude and blessings to our community and our place.


Cut an 8” x 11” rectangle out of any kind of green cloth you can find. Leaving two inches at the top, decorate your rectangle with blessings and beckonings. These could be wishes, pleas and visions for the community and for the planet as we move forward into a brighter future. Decorate with markers, paint, sewn objects, beads, bits of fabric–whatever sparks your creativity.

Then, anytime between Sunday, September 13 and Saturday, September 19, visit the Fire Circle at the crossroads at the Four- Way Stop and hang your Blessing & Beckoning Prayer Flag on the line provided.

Vinotok will sew all of our Blessing & Beckoning Prayer Flags together, rising from the flames of transformation, to call in balance, reciprocity and goodness for our community and the world.

A Poem for the Maidens

Maiden of deep winter, begin the dance with Earth 
Muse of doorways, beginnings and transitions 
Made of Wolf Moon 
Snowdrops and Garnets 
Consistency on the coldest nights

Maiden of snowfall, ice consort of the Wild 
Muse of purification, refining and breathing 
Made of Storm Moon 
Violets and Amethysts 
Healing and intention in the heart of winter

Maiden of lengthening days, lover of Green Man 
Muse of courage, arousal and momentum 
Made of Worm Moon 
Daffodil and Aquamarine 
Release with the arrival of Spring 

Maiden of openings, chosen one of Nature 
Muse of abundance, tenderness and simplicity 
Made of Pink Moon 
Daisy and Diamond
Innocence paired with romance as we thaw

Maiden of growth, she who honors the Ancestors 
Muse of new life, success and plenty 
Made of Flower Moon 
Lily of the Valley and Emerald 
Devotee of creation, carry us to our potential

Maiden of the Summer Solstice, burning passion of youth 
Muse of energy, creativity and fruitfulness 
Made of Mead Moon 
Pearl and Honeysuckle 
She of radiant sun, rejuvenate our soil

Maiden of sultry weather, guide us back toward the Earth
Muse of devotion, ardor and joy
Made of Buck Moon 
Larkspur and Ruby
Create for us new heights of contentment

Maiden of triumphs, rekindle our love for Wild
Muse of fortune, renewal and remembrance
Made of Grain Moon 
Poppy and Peridot
You who favor fortune, favor us 

Maiden of equal light and dark, spin your Green Man
Muse of rejuvenation, magic and rest
Made of Harvest Moon
Aster and Sapphire
Possess and pursue the most scared of things 

Maiden of reaping, gather Nature at your breast
Muse of prophesy, harmony and strength
Made of Hunter Moon
Calendula and Opal
Prepare for the dark cold to come 

Maiden of awaited renewal, on your arm Elders rest
Muse of honesty, forgiveness and love
Made of Mourning Moon
Chrysanthemum and Topaz
Make certain we know the light will return 

Maiden of the final dance, shine on the longest night
Muse of snowfall, reflection and silence
Made of Cold Moon
Holly and Turquoise
Be the bit of sunlight left 

Anna Claire, Vinotok Wordsmythe