The Mythology of the Harvest Mother

The Harvest Mother is the first and most ancient of all archetypes – the divine feminine – She is Mother Nature and the source for all life, the sacred cycle of the seasons. She births the Green Man at Winter Solstice; marries him at Summer Solstice; brings him back into her Earth body at Autumn Equinox; and gestates the Green Man again; until his renewal and rebirth and return of the sacred masculine and the light at Winter Solstice. 

A Poem for the Harvest Mother

Our, goddess of harvest!
You who will soon give birth.
One from mothers to be,
blessed in fertility.
A dress in white with her crown,
address our Earth and town.
Deliver Autumn’s child,
Oh, consort of the wild!

Gather, goddess mother!
Give thanks for each other,
show us your abundance.
For you we belly dance.
For you we harvest grain.
A mother you remain.
Rebirth of last Spring’s seed
Gather life with fireweed!

Bless, goddess of the root!
Bring life to Crested Butte
Ripe regeneration.
Pregnant celebration
Pregnant from Winter’s cold.
I offer marigold
To your sacred bosom,
Ah deep mystic woman!

Reap, goddess full of life!
Attended by a midwife
In your court the trial is held
Justice is compelled
Justice, will the Grump burn?
Spring’s sacrifice in turn.
Meadowsweet, anthracite
Reap, You vessel of light!